Мishka x Crookers Mixtape


Mishka kicks off the decade with a new mixtape in their Keep Watch series, this time we’re at vol. XV, and the mixtape is put together by the unstoppable Italian DJ/Producer duo Crookers!

Download Keep Watch Vol. XV: Crookers (Click Here)!

The Crookers have been touring nonstop, smashing it up at international fests and bustin’ out some of the best dance music out right now. Alongside other Italians such as Congorock, The Bloody Beetroots, Nic Sarno and His Majesty Andre, Crookers have been strong-arming dance floors and waving the red, white and green bass flag high.  In this mix expect the unexpected going deep into some glitchy and dubby vibes.

The mix starts out with sounds from Hudson Mohawke, Joker and Untold and finishes off with some war riddims courtesy of Kingdom and Alter Ego.  Elaborating too much would be ruining this amazing mix.  Just listen to it.  This is the future of the Italian sound in one word and 43 minutes.

Together with the mixtape here, Mishka has producted a t-shirt design remixing the graphics of the cover of Crookers upcoming album Tons of Friends with a distinct Mishka feel.


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