THE KNIFE with Balinese Gamelan


The Knife introduces their astonishing track “Colouring of Pigeons” from their upcoming album “Tomorrow, In a Year”. This new track is also in collaboration with Mt Sims and Planningtorock, not only for producing the music but writing an opera for Hotel Pro Forma, the Danish performance group with the same titled as The Knife’s new album “Tomorrow In a Year” and will be based on “Charles Darwin’s On the Orgin of Species”.

“Colouring of Pigeons” is  a beautiful dramatic 11 minutes length track with a mixture of Karin Dreijer Andersson and operatic vocals as well as a sophisticated experimental music arrangement, also attached Balinese Gamelan which is made quite danceable. The Knife’s new album “Tomorrow, In A Year” will be released this March, studio version and this February for Digital version, and I am definitely will looking forward to the “Tomorrow, In A Year” opera version.

Tomorrow, In A Year Tracklisting:
CD 1
01 “Intro”
02 “Epochs”
03 “Geology”
04 “Upheaved”
05 “Minerals”
06 “Ebb Tide Explorer”
07 “Variation Of Birds”
08 “Letter To Henslow”
09 “Schoal Swarm Orchestra”

CD 2
01 “Annie’s Box”
02 “Tumult”
03 “Colouring Of Pigeons”
04 “Seeds”
05 “Tomorrow In A Year”
06 “The Height Of Summer”

Bonus track
07 “Annie’s Box” (alt. vocal)


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