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don’t forget visual exhibition of  snot and slobber opening ceremony at ria djenaka 18.00. we come with the superband and awesome people. be there peeps

Opened recently at the Fowler Museum is the ‘Meet me at the Center of the Earth’ exhibition by Chicago-based artist Nick Cave. The presentation consists of thirty-five of his soundsuits, which are sculptures made by multi-layered mixed-media and are named for the sounds they create when worn. Influenced by African and Caribbean rituals as well […]

This is a challenge to create and send us your photo that embodies the spirit of Nike Sportswear “Designed for sports, Remixed for life” by showing Nike in your own (Game of) life or the life surround you. This is a two round contest: Qualification Round and Final Round. The Qualification Round is being held […]

Pop Sightings installations was initiated by UNKL347 Group Artist for Singapore Design Festival 2009. Pop Sighting consists of nine different outdoor installations that took place at several public spots on Singapore riverside.